Diversity Site Landscape

The SCRS team and members of the site community will share insightful data about diversity in clinical trials as we set the tone for the rest of the Summit. This new survey will focus solely on diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials and provide observations, awareness and understanding of site needs for more inclusive […]

The Science Behind Why Diversity Matters for Clinical Research

The clinical research industry has spent significant time defining diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and discussing present needs for clinical trials. However, why do we truly need to focus on DE&I? What is the science behind why DE&I matters for the future of our medicines? This panel will discuss the scientific evidence driving the emphasis […]

Regulatory & FDA Guidance: What Sites & Industry Need to Know

Over the last several years, the FDA and other regulatory agencies have issued mandates, guidance, and laws regarding the need to increase diversity in clinical trial design. But what will these new requirements really entail for sites, sponsors and CROs? This group of experts will give insights into what the industry needs to know about […]

Understanding Site Needs Through the Diversity Site Assessment Tool

The SCRS Diversity Site Assessment Tool (DSAT) is quickly becoming an industry standard for understanding DE&I-related site capabilities, as well as a leading source of data for the industry on the needs of the site community. Come hear from the SCRS team and diversity working group members as they share how the tool is being […]

Patient Panel

The patient perspective is a critical piece to the execution of clinical trials and incredibly valuable to help us remain focused on what we strive to do: bring medicines to patients faster. Hear from a panel of patients as they discuss their experiences with clinical trials from their unique and diverse backgrounds.

Welcome & Technology Panel

Technology is an essential and ever-increasing part of our clinical trial execution with the potential to make clinical trials more equitable and accessible. As the use of technology in trials grows, it’s imperative that we continue addressing the challenges the industry is facing with added technologies while finding solutions to enable increased diversity, equity, and […]

LGBTQ+ Panel

This solution studio session will explore how to enable and support sites as they address the nuances of engaging non-English speaking patients in clinical trials. Understand what sites need to be successful in this area and how the industry can accommodate those needs for more inclusive trials.