Breakout Session III

Breakout Session Options:

  • Hot Topic: The Impact on Clinical Research For Social Justice & Health Equity
  • Ideas To Action: Site Toolkit For DEI Plan Development & Implementation
  • Solutions Studio: Transparency In DEI Metrics & Feasibility
  • Inclusivity Forum: Religion & Culture
  • Solution Studio: Craft Your Site’s DEI Strategy


Hot Topic: The Impact on Clinical Research for Social Justice & Health Equity

The effects of marginalization and discriminatory practices in healthcare only perpetuate the longstanding inequities within our industry. In order to move the needle towards better health equity, we must take a deeper look into the social determinants of health that plague our systems. From economic stability to healthcare access inequality, our industry holds the keys to increasing social awareness and justice, leading us on a path to true health equity.

Ashley Moultrie,
Director, DEI & Community Engagement, Javara

Batisha Anson, Vice President ,Global Head of Patient Diversity and Health Equity, Syneos Health
Shamekia Bennett, COO, Sky Clinical Research
Jade Tuttle, LMSW,
Principal Project Manager, Patient Diversity, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific


Ideas To Action: Site Toolkit For DEI Plan Development & Implementation

In today’s clinical research landscape, DEI has transitioned from a “nice to have” to an absolute necessity. Ensuring that the right outcomes reach the right patients at the right time hinges on the inclusion of diverse perspectives and populations. As the research community earnestly strives for inclusion, it is imperative to equip sites with the essential tools and training to realize these objectives.

Chris Hoyle, MBA,
Founder & CEO, Elite Research Network

Lloryn Hubbard,
Director, Patient Diversity, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA, Principal Consultant, Trial Equity
Van Johnson, Director of Business Development, QCR Network


Solutions Studio: Transparency in DEI Metrics & Feasibility

What diversity metrics truly matter when selecting clinical research sites? Gain valuable insights into the crucial data and information that sites need to present during feasibility assessments. Ensure your site has a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities in championing important DEI outcomes for patients.

Lorena Kuri, MSMHC,
Head Diversity Strategy, BMS

Roberto Aguirre, MD, CPI, CCRP, QM-IAOCR, Vice President, AGA Clinical Trials
Keith Wright, MBA, CCRP, Director of Industry Strategy, KOL, Florence Healthcare


Inclusivity Forum: Religion & Culture

This is not just a breakout session; it’s a gathering to collaboratively discuss solutions and best practices, confront challenges, and uncover opportunities to foster a more inclusive clinical research environment. In this open forum, we’ll focus on the multifaceted aspects of inclusive, diverse, and equitable clinical trials for people of various religions. Come together to share, learn, and collectively work towards building more representative and equitable clinical research experiences and outcomes.

Stephanie Ailey,
Vice President, Business Development, DM Clinical Research

Rasha Babikar, MBBS. MBA,
Sponsor & CRO Relations Manager, Cedar Health Research
Holly Figueroa,
Tribal Liaison, BCBSAZ, Health Choice
Stacie Merritt, MSN, Director, Ascension St. John Clinical Research Institute


Solutions Studio: Craft Your Site’s DEI Strategy

Many research sites find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to crafting a diversity plan. This session will bridge that gap by offering a step-by-step guide and template for site-level diversity planning. Learn where to begin, what crucial elements to include, and gain clarity on the overall structure. Our expert speakers will guide you through the process of creating both short and long-term strategic blueprints, equipping you with practical tools to implement immediately at your site.

Angel Akinbinu, MA,
Senior Director Clinical Trial Diversity, Syneos Health

Brandon Doyle, MBA, Study Engagement Lead, Takeda
Ildemaro Gonzalez, MBA, 
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Emory Healthcare
Christopher Romero, MD, PhD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer, Headlands Research


Location: See App for Room Location Date: April 8, 2024 Time: 2:45 - 3:45