Mohammad Millwala, MBA, CPA

DM Clinical Research

With a life-long background dedicated to helping others and a keen eye for business, starting a career in the clinical space always interested Mohammad. As CEO and Founder of DM Clinical, Mohammad first set out to build an adept enterprise that not only was agile, but served a helpful niche in society.

His desire to ensure DM Clinical achieved the latter was exacerbated in 2008, when Millwala’s three-day-old nephew was stricken with illness and Mohammad was forced to watch as his newest family member’s life hung in the balance. Witnessing first-hand the real world impact of healthcare drove Millwala’s goals to new heights, and in his own words the life of DM Clinical “took on new meaning” after this experience. No longer was DM Clinical solely a business operating in an impact-driven space; DM Clinical was now a full-time large scale infrastructure dedicated to successfully helping individuals on a patient-by-patient basis. Mohammad keeps close to his heart the knowledge that DM Clinical serves the individual, and every recipient of the treatment DM Clinical helps provide is someone’s loved one in need of care. This drive has set DM Clinical apart from its competitors by utilizing successful business practices such as organization, collaboration, and flexibility to drive patient empowerment.

At his core, Millwala is a multifaceted, dynamic learner who above all values honesty and humility. Those close to him describe him as focused, dedicated, and passionate leader with a mind and proficiency for progress. His leadership style is to value those he works with, and he prides himself on being an excellent listener with an open-door policy.

Millwala views DM Clinical as a life-long mission, and on the back of taking a leading role in the COVID-19 Vaccine mission, the next steps for DM Clinical are to continue to grow in size and breadth and take their patient-driven approach to a national presence.

While Millwala remains focused on his business, he does enjoy reading and can often be heard quoting one of his two favourite books, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” and “Who Moved my Cheese?” or reminding others of his favourite quote, a nod to Mother Theresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

From a collaborative perspective, Millwala looks for partners and employees who are serious about working together to create a real world impact. He prefers to engage in those with solid mettle as opposed to “yes people.” As DM Clinical rapidly grows, Mohammad still feels a great sense of personal responsibility to foster a culture that takes care of their own and makes the company one that both the employees and the public recognize as being “the best place to work.”

To Mohammad, DM Clinical is not a business, but a home. A home built on the foundations of respect, ethics, and fairness throughout, and a home with open doors that is dedicated to improving the community.

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