Seneca Harrison

CEO of Quality Clinical Research & Chief Diversity Officer

Seneca Harrison is the Vice President of Operations and CEO of Quality Clinical Research, an expanding research facility catering to residents of the Midwest for nearly 20 years. Mr. Harrison has served as CEO since 2008 and has since made it his mission to diversify clinical trials and extend research to underrepresented demographics. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive has led him to branch out into local communities, opening and owning four other businesses in the Omaha area.

Mr. Harrison currently sits on the board for The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Nebraska, a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 14,000 influential business owners with 198 chapters in 61 countries. In 2019 Mr. Harrison was named by Omaha Magazine as one of the faces of Omaha for his leadership, entrepreneurialism and outreach in the Omaha community. His company, Quality Clinical Research, has been named in Gallup’s fastest growing small businesses in Nebraska. He remains a prominent figure in the city of Omaha and continues to give back through his many business ventures.

Mr. Harrison has spent the last 13 years leading the way toward a broader and more inclusive view of clinical research, and now, currently serves as the Chief Diversity Officer for hyperCore international. His experience and expertise in over 300 clinical trials is pivotal in ensuring that clinical research continues to move in the right direction and properly represent the populations to which these medicines will be available.

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